Courtney's House Reborn

After close to 10 yrs in our little home we decided it was time for a bigger one.

We looked at moving on. Other established homes needed too much work and new home suburbs were too far away from everything and the houses built too close together.

We liked this area, the school and had made a good circle of friends over that time.

So we took the best of both worlds.

A new home in an old area.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week 18
Things are really moving along. The ceilings are painted, doors and door frames undercoated. Shelves in the cupboards 1/2 up and I am locked out.

Spare Room

Here is the right laundry door, this one will let some more light in the room.

Powder Room

Kids Bathroom


Everything looking very flat. I hope it will look better when I get some tiles and paint on the walls. All the wet areas will be tiled and that will be the next big thing.
I am liking the silver kick plate at the bottom of the cupboards.

Oops, that's not right should be silver to match the benchtop.

Just waiting for the sink, dishwasher, hot plate, stove and range hood. Ahhhhhhh it is so close.

Was taking to Big Alex (neighbour down the road) he brought to my attention that the new house has missed all the rain. That is probably why the house is going up in good time. We will really need to do floor covering before we move in. It really feels cold at the moment. That may have to do with there is nothing in the house.

Having a lock up meeting on Friday, hopefully they can give us a date for hand over!!!


  1. woohoo... the house looks great, can't wait for the coffee invite! not long now!!!!
    cheer Linda

  2. It won't be long now before you'll have all that housework to do!