Courtney's House Reborn

After close to 10 yrs in our little home we decided it was time for a bigger one.

We looked at moving on. Other established homes needed too much work and new home suburbs were too far away from everything and the houses built too close together.

We liked this area, the school and had made a good circle of friends over that time.

So we took the best of both worlds.

A new home in an old area.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hi all, I have had a few people asking about the house. Yes the building is all finished and we have been living in it for about 2 months. Now I am working on unpacking the boxes and working on the garden and outdoor things (driveway and pool). Yes SQUID1 there will be a pool in soon.

Backyard looking at where the pool will be.

When I look back on the photos I I really need to take some more. All I could find is the first night we all slept in the house.

The first night in the house we took lounge & T.V, our mattress and the dinning table.
Craft supplies....

And of course my furry baby Holly. She was a little spooked.

Study full of all the boxes we haven't needed so far.
With unpacking comes a LOT of boxes. Need a trip to the tip.
This is how the family room is looking today, we still haven't put any thing on the walls yet.

This is the new addition to the master bedroom. The beautiful, wonderful, amazing quilt Mum made me. It goes so well with the light furniture. Love it Mum.
Will sign off now and will put some more photos on in the next couple of days.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well long time No blog.
Alot has happen in the house since my last blog.
The house is now in the Courtney Families! YES.
Work has been moving full steam ahead, Thanks to my helpers (Dad,Mum,SAR,Shags & DH)most of the house is now painted. One more room to finish before the carpet man comes on Monday.

This week the Strip Lino is being layed. That sound simple enough, right....No. The slab was no where near level, the difference between the highs and lows added another whole day to the guys job. Three times more materials used to create the new floor level which the guys could work on. Now my pocket is a little lighter and the guys are two days behind.
I looooove this photo, Squid1 in action. New floor.

Good place to start.Colour looks good.
In the family room corner, craft room side.

Will take some more photos tomorrow should be finished!!!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 20

Here we are only 5 days until particle completion (builders talk for nearly finished).
Out of those 5 days is a 2 day weekend....will Aveling be able to do it!!!!!! We will see.

The garage door has been put in. Oops No windows. Needs fixing.

DH and popped into the house the other when some tilers where there. Being locked out Sucks!!! When we looked in the ensuite we saw that the vertical feature tiled the wrong. Yes it was a vertical feature, but the tiles should be horizontal in the feature to match the tiles above the vanity. Needs fixing.
Vertical - Wrong

Vanity looking good horizontal.

Horizontal - Tick fixed.

Lets move into the kitchen. There is a lot to do here. We need appliances, plumber and electrician.
The tiling looks good, this is the tiling we didn't pay for apparently (just look at variation No.57)!!!!!

Mum can you see what I mean about it looking washed out.

You can't see it but the white tiles are 300x100mm. Nice look.

Lets move into the kids bathroom tiling.....
Good tiling

Crap tiling
Do you think they could make up there mines. In line with the hob or one full tile, not in between both. Needs fixing.

Now lets look at some fun stuff. Loads of cupboard space, it goes around the corner to the right.

And some colours for the front rooms, carpet and strip lino for the main areas (including the craft room).
The theater room and our bedroom will have different colours.

DH and I think we have picked colours and type of blinds for the house but still haven't picked a company to make them. Quick sticks with that I think.
Going to Ikea tomorrow to deck out the craft room. Fun Fun
Will post soon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well thanks for all your comments people.

Tomorrow is lock up meeting. DH asked me what we will be doing at lock up meeting? As we have been locked out for a week already. I am not sure, addressing things that we have found that are not quite right or not up to our standard.

Like today, DH and I where looking at the bath. "That's not the right one" I said, "it wasn't square on the corners". And sure enough DH checked the paperwork and they have cemented in the wrong bath. It WILL have to be changed!!!!

I hope Luke (Aveling site super) will give me a handover date, so we can book in some trade's to finish off the house. Things like the driveway, painting, blinds, carpets and wood floors. We also have a few doors which we decided to do ourselves (maybe later, must move in).
We will see what tomorrow brings.

Look what we have today.....Tiles Kitchen feature tiles

My hand is on the kitchen wall tiles. Also we have floor tiles for ensuite and kids bathroom.

Kids bathroom feature tiles.
I know this sounds mad Sue but I am looking forward to some house cleaning in the New big house. I am sure this feeling will wear off very soon!!!I hope. That is when I will go back to work and pay someone else to clean it for me.

Must go and get some sleep. Another day and lots to do. Bye

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week 18
Things are really moving along. The ceilings are painted, doors and door frames undercoated. Shelves in the cupboards 1/2 up and I am locked out.

Spare Room

Here is the right laundry door, this one will let some more light in the room.

Powder Room

Kids Bathroom


Everything looking very flat. I hope it will look better when I get some tiles and paint on the walls. All the wet areas will be tiled and that will be the next big thing.
I am liking the silver kick plate at the bottom of the cupboards.

Oops, that's not right should be silver to match the benchtop.

Just waiting for the sink, dishwasher, hot plate, stove and range hood. Ahhhhhhh it is so close.

Was taking to Big Alex (neighbour down the road) he brought to my attention that the new house has missed all the rain. That is probably why the house is going up in good time. We will really need to do floor covering before we move in. It really feels cold at the moment. That may have to do with there is nothing in the house.

Having a lock up meeting on Friday, hopefully they can give us a date for hand over!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week 17
I am a bit sad!!! Tomorrow the house will be locked I wont be able to wonder around. But on the other hand the kitchen will be put in soon.

I will come back and post some photos of the beautiful white plastered walls and the other deliveries that we had today.


Ok back again.

The other day I said that the kids had had enough of the building site. Well it looks like the building thing has rubbed off on them. Over the long weekend the kids spent time in the backyard building there own little house. It was nice to watch them work together to finish there cubby house.
Note: it has paving and all.

White plaster every where...

Yes we storm water piped up to the soak wells out front.

Garage floor poured...I had to give it its name.

Squid2 is cleaning up some handy work.

Some more materials for the next part of the build.
Shelves and the doors for the whole house.
Where is that door on the top of the pile going?
Oops that's not the right door.
Aveling will have to get another one in by Lockup tomorrow.

Well the kitchen is scheduled to go in next week. Then it will be tiling, painting, internal doors, paving, clean-up and handover.All by Aveling.
In that time I must finish 4 costumes, 1 banquet and a full set of drawings. So that I can then paint the 600sqm (times 2 coats) of internal walls before we move in.

All in a days work for a stay at home Mum that doesn't have much to do.

Bye now post soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week 16
It has been a slow start this week.

Tuesday the front yard and garage was cleaned out.
Then Wednesday the plasters came in and started putting up the white plaster on the walls. So things have been happening.
Gone are the days when you see it growing before your very eyes. Just like kids I suppose.
Here are some photos from yesterday.

Dinningroom plastered....

Note: Squid1 arm is fine, fall and hurt her elbow!!!! Slow down.

Family room done...

Kitchen walls done, waiting for all the equipment.

Will go and check out the progress before school pick-up. Kids are over going to a building site. Bye now.