Courtney's House Reborn

After close to 10 yrs in our little home we decided it was time for a bigger one.

We looked at moving on. Other established homes needed too much work and new home suburbs were too far away from everything and the houses built too close together.

We liked this area, the school and had made a good circle of friends over that time.

So we took the best of both worlds.

A new home in an old area.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week 17
I am a bit sad!!! Tomorrow the house will be locked I wont be able to wonder around. But on the other hand the kitchen will be put in soon.

I will come back and post some photos of the beautiful white plastered walls and the other deliveries that we had today.


Ok back again.

The other day I said that the kids had had enough of the building site. Well it looks like the building thing has rubbed off on them. Over the long weekend the kids spent time in the backyard building there own little house. It was nice to watch them work together to finish there cubby house.
Note: it has paving and all.

White plaster every where...

Yes we storm water piped up to the soak wells out front.

Garage floor poured...I had to give it its name.

Squid2 is cleaning up some handy work.

Some more materials for the next part of the build.
Shelves and the doors for the whole house.
Where is that door on the top of the pile going?
Oops that's not the right door.
Aveling will have to get another one in by Lockup tomorrow.

Well the kitchen is scheduled to go in next week. Then it will be tiling, painting, internal doors, paving, clean-up and handover.All by Aveling.
In that time I must finish 4 costumes, 1 banquet and a full set of drawings. So that I can then paint the 600sqm (times 2 coats) of internal walls before we move in.

All in a days work for a stay at home Mum that doesn't have much to do.

Bye now post soon.

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  1. Isn't that what every Stay at Home Mum does??