Courtney's House Reborn

After close to 10 yrs in our little home we decided it was time for a bigger one.

We looked at moving on. Other established homes needed too much work and new home suburbs were too far away from everything and the houses built too close together.

We liked this area, the school and had made a good circle of friends over that time.

So we took the best of both worlds.

A new home in an old area.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hi all, sorry for not blogging. A lot has happened in the Courtney family's life and in the life of the Courtneys' house.

We now have a Massive slab which will soon be turned into our new house.
I have met a lot of building fairies over the last weeks.

There's been the grano workers, Leslie the pre-lay plumber, drainage plumbers (sorry forgot there names) Ben was the plumber's assistant. There was also a building fairy with a chainsaw to get out the old paperbark tree near the shed.
Today a bobcat man came and went before we could get his name, he made the block a little neater.

String lines laying out the footings and slab. This is the front door.

Sand pad and pre-lay plumbing. Man it looks soooo big!!!

Footings poured!

Here is the reo and waterproof membrane (black plastic) in-situ.

Drainage plumbers hard at work, under the guidance of Ben (the dog). Look how big that pad looks. Bye bye yard, Hello house cleaning.

The drainage plumbers came across the old paperbark tree in the corner of the shed. I came along just as they were putting in the pipework which runs to the main sewer line. They let me change the direction so the pool will fit in the back corner.
NOTE: it is good to pop in all the time just to make sure things end up in the places they should. Things can get lost between the office and site.

The slab went down on Wednesday 25th Feb 2010, it was a >40 degrees C. The days that followed were just as hot. To stop cracking in the slab we watered it. The kids had a great time, straight from school and under the sprinklers.

Will post more photos tomorrow.

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