Courtney's House Reborn

After close to 10 yrs in our little home we decided it was time for a bigger one.

We looked at moving on. Other established homes needed too much work and new home suburbs were too far away from everything and the houses built too close together.

We liked this area, the school and had made a good circle of friends over that time.

So we took the best of both worlds.

A new home in an old area.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hi all,

Well it is Friday again. Oops, no that's tomorrow!!!!
It has been another week, lots has been happening at the house but it is not much to look at.
The carpenters started out the week finishing the roof. Then on Wednesday the place was a buzz with plumbers and sparkies. Cutting into the wall and laying copper pipes and cables.

It was sad in a way to see all the lovely brick work cut away to trace the cables in. Note to self: must document where cables are in the walls, so we don't drill into them sometime down the track. Some cables are straight down the middle of a space. Won't be hanging things there!!!

I was speaking to the site supervisors on Monday and we are progressing well. They give the job a 20 week build schedule and we have just finished the 12th week.

Next week the roof sheeting will go on, that will make the space inside real, because then we will know how the light works in each room. Also we will be able to see what the colour is going to look like.

It is getting very exciting now, I just want to move in.

Will post some photos tomorrow to end off the week. Cool!!!

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